Select Faculty Publications

Armstrong, Pat

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Barken, Rachel

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Beare, Margaret Evelyn

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Birch, Kean

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Blum, Alan

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Brock, Deborah

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Cavanagh, Sheila

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Coburn, Elaine

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Darroch, Arthur G. L.

Photo of Gordon Darroch

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Editor and contributor (chapters 1 and 7) to The Dawn of “Canada’s Century:” Hidden Histories, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2014.

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Das Gupta, Tania

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Davidson, Deborah

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Goldring, Luin

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Gosine, Andil

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Goulding, Jay

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James, Carl

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Kim, Ann

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Kyriakides, Christopher

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Laxer, Emily

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Man, Guida

Selected Refereed Book Chapters and Journal Articles 2015-2019:
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जाति व्यव्व्स्थे ची नवी समीक्षा।: पवितरकेड़ूँ अपवितरटेकड़े। 2018। बयी ड़िल्ली, लन्दन, थाउज़ंड ओक: सेज भाषा
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