Faculty Appointments


Harris Ali

PhD (McMaster), Professor, Graduate Program Director
Office: 2084 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 77998
Email: hali@yorku.ca

ON SABBATICAL JULY 1, 2020 - JUNE 30, 2021

Basic Teaching Interests: Sociology of the Environment; Sociology of Disasters; Sociological Theory, Political Sociology; Social Psychology; Sociology of Health.

Current Research Interests: 1. Environment and health. 2. Sociology of risk. 3. Disasters. 4. Infectious diseases. 5. Environmental management. 6. Environmental justice.

Karen Anderson

PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor
Office: 2110 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 60304
Email: karenand@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Sex and Gender Systems; Technological Change; Cultural Studies; Feminist Theory; Classical Theory; Contemporary Social Theory; Social Change/Social History.
Current Research Interests: 1. Complexity, emergence and simulations. 2. The unconscious and learning. 3. Education, pedagogy and new technologies.
Supervision Style: Guide, sounding board, help student find own way.

Pat Armstrong

PhD (Carleton), Distinguished Research Professor, Fellow of Royal Society of Canada
Office: 2118 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 22550
Email: patarmst@yorku.ca

ON SABBATICAL JULY 1, 2020 - JUNE 30, 2021

Basic Fields of Interest: Health, Policy and Politics, especially related to women; Women and Work; Social Theory; Political Economy.
Current Research Interests: 1. Health care, especially long-term care. 2. Women’s health. 3. Precarious work. 4. Unpaid caregiving.

Supervision Style: As determined by the student.


Sylvia Bawa

PhD (Queens), Assistant Professor
Office: 2152 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 60309
Email: bawa@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Gender; Polstcolonial and African Feminisms; Globalition; Gender and Development; International Political Economy; Social Justice and Human Rights.
Current Research Interests: 1. Women's rights, identity constructions and discourses of Gender in African postcolonial societies.

Katherine Bischoping

PhD (Michigan), Associate Professor
Office: 2086 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext.77996
Email: kbischop@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Interviewing Methods; Narrative Analysis; Cultural Work.
Current Research Interests: 1. Analysing talk in the social sciences. 2. Notions of truth in oral history. 3. The relation of sociology to theatre. 4. Precarious careers of cultural workers.
Supervision Style: I enjoy working with students as they develop their authorial voices. I care deeply about language, give detailed feedback on writing, and often add to my shelf of writing books. I'm also a fan of timelines and page limits.

Deborah Brock

PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor
Office: 2108 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 60302
Email: dbrock@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Social, Moral and Sexual Regulation; Governmentality; Processes of Criminalization; Sex Work.
Current Research Interests: Social regulation in Canada and the Netherlands.


Nergis Canefe

PhD (York), Associate Professor
Office: S644 Ross Building
736-2100 Ext. 20994
Email: ncanefe@yorku.ca


Canefe3Dr. Canefe a scholar trained in the fields of Political Philosophy, Forced Migration Studies and International Public Law with special focus on Human Rights. She has over twenty years of experience in carrying out in-depth qualitative research with displaced communities and teaching human rights globally. Her research experience includes working with the Muslim and Jewish Diasporas in Europe and North America, refugees and displaced peoples in Turkey, Cyprus, India, Uganda, South Africa, Bosnia and Colombia. She also worked as the Associate Director of Center for Refugee Studies, York University between 2008-2013 and oversaw the educational programs and certificate/diploma requirements of the Center. In the field of legal studies, she is specialized in international criminal and public law, with particular emphasis on crimes against humanity and accountability for atrocities committed by states against their own peoples and critical approaches to transitional justice. Dr. Canefe joined York University in 2003 and has been a full-time faculty member regularly teaching at departments of Political Science, Social and Political Thought, Socio-Legal Studies, Public Policy, Administration and Law at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Prior to joining York, she worked at London School of Economics, UK and Bilgi University and Bogazici University, Turkey as a faculty member.

In the field of social and political theory, Dr. Canefe published widely in the following areas: theories of nationalism in the global south, organized violence, mass murder, societal amnesia, forced migration and post-colonial state formations in the Middle East, Muslim and Jewish diasporas in the West, and, minority rights in the West. She has done extensive fieldwork on the role of political violence and forced migration in post-imperial nation-state formation and capital accumulation in the Middle East. Her research has been funded by international and Canadian organizations. She also regularly conducts some of her human rights, minority rights and refugee rights related work on a pro bono basis. She acted as an expert witness and public lecturer on subjects related to forced migration, diasporas in exile, minority rights and genocide in international and Canadian media, Canadian courts, and Canadian and Turkish public service. She has over 50 scholarly articles and four books, Transitional Justice and Forced Migration (edited volume, under contract with Cambridge University Press) The Jewish Diaspora as a Paradigm: Politics, Religion and Belonging (edited volume, 2014, Libra Press –Jewish Studies Series), Milliyetcilik, Kimlik ve Aidiyet (sole author, 2006, Nationalism, Identity and Belonging], Istanbul: Bilgi University Publishing House), and Turkey and European Integration: Accession Prospects and Issues (2004, edited volume in collaboration with Mehmet Ugur, Jean Monnet Professor at University of Greenwich. London and New York: Routledge). Her scholarly articles appeared in Nations and Nationalism, Citizenship Studies, New Perspectives, Refugee Watch, Refuge, South East European Studies, Peace Review, Middle Eastern Law and Governance, and, Narrative Politics.

Sheila Cavanagh

PhD (York), Professor
Office: 322 Founders College
736-2100 Ext. 22336
Email: sheila@yorku.ca 

Basic Fields of Interest: Queer and Psychoanalytic Theory; Cultural Studies; Queer Pedagogy; Trans Studies; Queer Theatre and Performance Pedagogy.
Current Research Interests: 1. Queer performance ethnography. 2. Lacanian psychoanalysis. 3. Trans studies

Elaine Coburn

PhD (Stanford), Assistant Professor
Office:  335 York Hall, Glendon College
736-2100 Ext. 88323
Email: ecoburn@glendon.yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Critical Methodology; Critical Social Theory (Feminist, Indigenous, Disability); Indigenous Struggles; Neoliberal Globalization; Social Justice Movements.
Current Research Interests: 1. Indigenous and Social Justice Movements. 2. International Monetary Fund and World Bank Discourse. 3. Feminist Political Economy.

Jacqueline Choiniere

PhD (York), Associate Professor
Office: 319 Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building
736-2100 Ext. 30010
Email: jacchoin@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Health; Health Systems; Gender .
Current Research Interests: 1. Gender 2. Health policy. 3. Health care reform. 4. Long-term residential care. 5. Social determinants of health. 6. Nurses' work and health.


Tania Das Gupta

PhD (Toronto), Professor
Office: 5021G Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building
736-2100 Ext. 66345
Email: tdasgu@yorku.ca 

Basic Fields of Interest: Sociology of Work; Ethnicity/Race Relations; Marxist Sociology; Women's Studies.
Current Research Interests: 1. Multiculturalism. 2. Anti-racist pedagogy. 3. Racial and sexual harassment in the workplace. 4. Precarious work/workers. 5. Anti-racism and the labour movement. 6. Transnationalism among Asian immigrants.

Deborah Davidson

PhD (York), Associate Professor
Office: 2090 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 60310
Email: debd@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Sociology of Life Course; Health and Wellbeing; Qualitatative Methods; Intimate/Familial Relations.
Current Research Interests: 1. Dying, death and bereavement. 2. Tattoos as commemorative. 3. Visual research. 4. Human reproduction.
Supervision Style: Approachable, adaptable, accountable.

Andrew Dawson

PhD (McGill), Associate Professor
Office: C126 York Hall, Glendon College
736-2100 Ext. 88383
Email: adawson@glendon.yorku.ca


Basic Fields of Interest: Sociology of Development; Political Sociology; Comparative Historical Sociology.
Current Research Interests: 1. Rule of law. 2. State legitimacy. 3. Political violence.

Conor M.W. Douglas

PhD (University of York), Assistant Professor
Office: 307 Bethune College
736-2100 Ex. 30104
Email:  cd512@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Sociology of Science, Technology, Health and Medicine; Science and Technology Studies (STS)
Current Research Interests: My research explores the co-production between science/technology (particularly new genetic medical technologies) and society; patient and public participation in science and technological development (particularly in clinical trials, research studies, and pharmaceutical policy); governance of science and technology (particularly new genetic medical technologies); social and cultural factors constraining or enabling the translation –or development and deployment- of science and technologies; as well as global health & governance (particularly as it relates to new medical technologies).

Current Research Activities: These research interests are currently being deployed in a new project Social Pharmaceutical Innovation (For Unmet Medical Needs), or “SPIN”, which I am the named Project Leader and Canadian national team Principal Investigator. This is a three year internationally collaborative project funded through the Trans-Atlantic Partnership and includes a team of researchers including Larry Lynd from British Columbia, Fernando Aith from Brazil, Vololona Rabeharisoa from France and Ellen Moors from the Netherlands.

Graduate Supervision: I am currently accepting Graduate students for supervision in areas of medical science, health technologies, pharmaceutical innovation, policy and governance. I have teaching qualifications and certification from the Netherlands, Canada, and the UK, which also includes experience and expertise in innovative pedagogy of Problem-Based Learning (PBL).


Lorna Erwin

PhD (York), Associate Professor
Office: 2116 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 60306
Email: lerwin@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Sociology of Education; Sociology of Science and Technology; Difference, Inequality, and Power; Qualitative Methods; Higher Education
Current Research Interests: Access, equity, and stratification in education; Women's participation in academic science, math, engineering; University-Community Partnerships; the politics of neo-liberal agendas on the university
Supervision Style: I try to be flexible in supervisory relationships and do work differently with different students. I help students clarify and focus their projects and develop disciplined but realistic and reasonable schedules of writing and revision. My preference is to read and comment on work that is produced in segments, I am averse, for example, to receiving an entire first draft without having read chapters along the way.


Carlo Fanelli

PhD (Carleton), Assistant Professor
Office: S759 Ross Building
736-2100 Ext. 20508
E-mail:  fanelli@yorku.ca

Following the completion of my PhD in Sociology and Political Economy at Carleton University, I held SSHRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowships at Ryerson University’s  Department of Politics and Public Administration, and at the School of Occupational Therapy  at the University of Western Ontario. My research is interdisciplinary and broadly comparative. In particular, I am interested in work and labour market restructuring, public policy, political economy and social inequality.

My current work revolves around two major projects. The first explores how urban austerity has impacted public services and labour-management relations in Canadian cities and how these experiences differ and/or share parallels with international examples. The second, led by Principal Investigator Bryan Evans (Ryerson University), explores how Canadian and international living wage movements have responded to low-waged and precarious work amid the erosion of social welfare nets and the widening of inequality across diverse social groups. I am also conducting work on the ‘uberization’ of the charter fishing industry on Lake Ontario, including the work-life implications this has had on operators and potential risks this poses for consumers and fisheries. I am also undertaking studies in the areas of unpaid internships and the nonprofit sector. I am happy to supervise student research in these areas and others related to work and labour studies more broadly. Since 2009, I have also been editor-in-chief of Alternate Routes: A Journal of Critical Social Research published by Athabasca University Press


Amber Gazso

PhD (Alberta), Associate Professor
Office: 2082 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 77987
E-mail: agazso@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Citizenship; Gender and Families; The Feminization and Racialization of Poverty; Research Methods; Social Policy and the Welfare State.
Current Research Interests: My current research projects explore: 1) the restructuring of Canadian social assistance policies with special emphasis on the concurrent transformations of the social rights of citizenship; 2) how diverse Canadian families manage poverty intergenerationally through networks of formal and informal social support; and 3) the relationships between income inequality and health risks over the life course in Canada and the United States.

Amanda Glasbeek

PhD (York), Associate Professor
Office: S759A Ross Building
736-2100 Ext. 77386
E-Mail: aglasbee@yorku.ca

Dr. Glasbeek's research interests are anchored by feminist criminology and sociolegal studies, and include gender and surveillance; policing; regulation and representation; moral/social regulation and governance; and Canadian women's legal history. Publications include Feminized Justice: The Toronto Women's Court 1913-1934 (UBC Press 2009), and Criminalization, Representation and Regulation: Thinking Differently About Crime (co-edited with Deborah Brock and Carmela Murdocca, UTP 2014).  She is currently involved in two research projects. First, she is conducting the first Canadian analysis of the use of CCTV evidence in the courtroom in cases of sexual assault. Second, she is Principal Investigator on the SSHRC-funded study, "The Policing View: Body Worn Cameras, Surveillance, and the Question of Police Accountability 2015-2018)".

Luin Goldring

PhD (Cornell), Professor
Office: 2073 Vari Hall
416-736-2100 Ext 33913
Email: goldring@yorku.ca 


Basic Fields of Interest: Transnational Migration and Engagement; Citizenship, Non-citizenship and Precarious Migratory Status; Precarious Work; Diaspora; Immigrant Politics and Incorporation; Latin American Migrations.
Current Research Interests: 1.Precarious work and precarious status. 2. Immigrants and work. 3. Immigration and transnational lives. 4. Latin Americans in Canada.

Andil Gosine

PhD (York), Professor
Office: 224 Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building
736-2100 Ext. 77984
Email: andil.gosine@gmail.com

Basic Fields of Interest: Art; Cultural Studies; Sexualities; Environmentalism; 'Race' - and Representation.
Current Research Interests: 1. Art.  2. Ecology and environmentalism.  3. 'Race' and Sexualities.


Ratiba Hadj-Moussa

PhD (Laval), Professor
Office: 2102 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 77989
Email: rhm@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Cultural Sociology/Studies; Political Sociology; Social Theory; Qualitative Sociology.
Current Research Interests: 1. Public space and new media in North Africa. 2. Images, history and the politics of reconciliation. 3. Arts and suffering. 4. Margins and the political. 5. Memory and methodologies, secularism in Canada and France.

Barbara Hanson

PhD (Toronto), LL.B. (Osgoode), Member of the Bar of Ontario, Professor, Recipient of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Teaching Award
Office: 038 McLaughlin College
736-5229 Ext. 20469
Email: hansonbg@yorku.ca 

Basic Fields of Interest: Health and Illness/Health Systems; Theory; Small Groups; Social Psychology/Society and Personality; Sociology of Mental Health; Family; Methodology; Gender; Law; Weight Discrimination.
Current Research Interests: 1. Meta theory including emotion, gender and theory/method linkages. 2. Family and pathology. 3. Epistemology and social construction in medical knowledge. 4. Law. 5. Animals and Society 6. Weight descrimination.


Merle Jacobs

PhD (York), Associate Professor
Office: 5021F Victora Phillip Dahdaleh Building
736-2100 Ext. 44012
Email: merlej@yorku.ca

Carl James

PhD (York), Professor
Office: 3153 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building
736-2100 Ext. 20279
Email: cjames@edu.yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Sociology of Education; Youth Studies; Equity Studies; Caribbean Studies; Race and Ethnic Relations.
Current Research Interests: 1. Schooling and the educational achievement of marginalized students in urban contexts. 2. Second generation immigrant experiences. 3. Experiences of Caribbeans in Canada.


Ann Kim

PhD (Brown), Associate Professor
Office: 839 Kaneff Tower
736-2100 Ext. 22678
Email: annkim@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Immigrant and Ethnic Integration; Migration and Immigration; Urban Sociology; Social Demography; Quantitative Methods; Korean Immigration.


Fuyuki Kurasawa

PhD (La Trobe), Associate Professor, York Research Chair (Tier 2) in Global Digital Citizenship
Office: 2088 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 77990
Email: kurasawa@yorku.ca

ON SABBATICAL JULY 1, 2020 - JUNE 30, 2021

Basic Fields of Interest: Classical and Contemporary Social Theory; Political Sociology; Cultural Studies/Sociology.
Current Research Interests: 1. The history of humanitarianism. 2. Global justice and human rights. 3. Visuality and distant suffering. 4. Contemporary critical theories.


Laura Kwak

PhD (Toronto), Assistant Professor
Office:  S732 Ross Building
736-2100 Ext. 33356
Email:  ljkwak9@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Processes of Racialization, Law and Politics; Governmentality; Multiculturalism; Post-racialism; Socio-Legal Histories; Critical Race Theory; Social Justice; Parliamentary Debates; Archival Research; Canadian Studies.
Current Research Interests: I am working on my first book Playing by the Racial Rule(s): Asian Conservatives in Canada’s Federal Legislature, which challenges the supposed incommensurability of racialized identity and Conservative politics by examining Asian politicians who have served as Members of Parliament in Canada’s Conservative parties. Contributing to the literatures on political representation, governmentality and critical race theory, the book investigates how paradoxically raced in the name of racelessness, politicians of colour are vital to the state’s narrative of post-racialism as a way to sustain the social order.

My current project investigates how Indigenous and racialized MPs across Canada’s main political parties [Conservative Party of Canada, Liberal Party of Canada, and New Democratic Party] in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta have contributed to legislative debates between 1962 to 2018. By examining the contributions of Indigenous and racialized MPs to legislative debates, the project will explore how liberalism, neoliberalism and populism inform discourses about race, representation and justice.

Christopher Kyriakides

PhD (Glasgow), Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Socially Engaged Research in Race and Racialization
Office: 2114 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 60305
E-Mail: ckyriak@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Racism, Racialization and Nationalism; (Anti)Immigration; the (Anti)Racist State; Social and Political Theory; Geopolitics, Culture and Communication.
Current Research Interests: 1. Configurations of racialization in relation to the meaning of "East"and "West" and articulations of racism and nationalism in the reception of refugees in Europe, North America and the Middle East.


Bonita Lawrence

PhD (Toronto), Professor
Office: 5021C Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building
736-2100 Ext. 22334
Email: bonital@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Native Studies (especially decolonization, urban Native identity, law and identity, Indigenous histories).
Current Research Interests: 1. Non-status Native Communities. 2. Indigenous nationhood.

Emily Laxer

PhD (Toronto), Assistant Professor
Office: C127 York Hall, Glendon College
736-2100 Ext. 88377
Email:  emily.laxer@glendon.yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Political Sociology; Immigration, Race and Ethnicity; Citizenship and Nationalism; Gender
Current Research Interests:  1. The politics of secularism in France and Quebec.  2. Policy-making in the realm of minority religious incorporation.  3. Feminism and the Islamic signs debate.  4. Populism.

Muyang Li

PhD (Albany - expected 2020), Assistant Professor
Appointment to begin January 1, 2021
Office:  2073 Vari Hall
Email:  muyangli@yorku.ca

Photo of faculty memberBasic Fields of Interest: Media; Cultural Sociology; Political Sociology; Computational Methods; China.
Current Research Interests: 1. Sociology of science and technology

Carla Lipsig-Mummé

PhD (Montreal), Professor
Office: S761A Ross Building
736-2100 Ext. 22961
Email: carlalm@yorku.ca


Basic Fields of Interest: Work and Labour; Social Dimensions of Climate Change; Work, Employment and Climate Change; Political Economy and Globalization; Canada and Globalization; Psychoanalysis and Society.
Current Research Interests: 1. Work and climate change. 2. Future of labour. 3. Psychoanalysis and the regulation of health. 4. Canadian political economy. 5. Australian political economy.
Supervision Style: Wherever possible, involvement of graduate students in large, collaborative funded research so as to do training, ie. CURA: “Work in a Warming World” 2010-2015.

Meg Luxton

PhD (Toronto), Professor
Office: 206D Founders College
736-2100 Ext. 20933
Email: mluxton@yorku.ca 

Basic Fields of Interest: Sociology of Work (paid and unpaid); Canadian Society and Social Policy; Marxist Sociology; Classical Theory; Family; Women's Studies; Feminist Theory.
Current Research Interests: 1. Work and family. 2. Canadian women's movement. 3. International efforts to measure and value unpaid work. 4. Social policy. 5. Women's human rights and national/provincial/territorial budgets.
Supervision Style: Will work closely if student wants.


Guida Man

PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor

Office: 612 Kaneff Tower
736-2100 Ext. 30269
Email: gman@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Immigration and Transnational Migration; Gender and Work ; Family; Qualitative Methodology; Women's Studies.
Current Research Interests: 1. Gender and transnational migration. 2. Women, work, family and migration. 3. Skilled immigrants. 4. Precarious work. 4. Chinese immigrant families.

Nancy Mandell

PhD (Northwestern), Professor
Office: 225 Founders College
736-2100 Ext. 66905
Email: mandell@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Education; Sociology of Work; Social Psychology/Society and Personality; Family; Sex and Gender Systems; Women's Studies; Qualitative Methodology.
Current Research Interests: 1. Women, work and family. 2. Educational streaming. 3. Home-school-work interface. 4. Poverty. 5. Socialization. 6. Feminist theory and methodology. 7. Qualitative sociology.

Aryn Martin

PhD (Cornell), Associate Professor
Office: TBD
736-2100 Ext. TBD
Email: aryn@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Sociology of Science, Technology and Medicine; Feminist Theory; Sex and Gender.
Current Research Interests: 1. Biology and identity. 2. Pregnancy. 3. Social history of anatomy. 4. Head trauma, concussions, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, sports and violence. 5. Sex and gender.

Radhika Mongia

PhD (Illinois), Associate Professor
Office: 2080 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 66406
Email: rmongia@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Feminist, Marxist and Postcolonial Theory; Political and Historical Sociology; Study of "Transnational" and "Global" Processes.
Current Research Interests: 1. Migration Studies. 2. Colonial genealogies of the modern state. 3. Feminist and postcolonial theory.

Carmela Murdocca

PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor
Office: 2100 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 77992
Email: murdocca@yorku.ca


Basic Fields of Interest: Historical and Political Sociology; Socio-Legal Studies; Feminist, Postcolonial Critical Race Theories; Cultural Studies.
Current Research Interests: 1.Historical injustice and reparative justice. 2. Colonial and racial formations in liberal states. 3. Critical theories.

Marcello Musto

PhD (Nice), Associate Professor
Office: 1134 Founders College
736-2100 Ext. 22558
Email: marcello.musto@googlemail.com

Basic Fields of Interest: Socialist Thought; Theories of Alienation; Marxism
Current Research Interests: 1. Karl Marx. 2. Labour movements. 3. Alternatives to capitalism.


Eric Mykhalovskiy

PhD (York), Professor
Office: 2078 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 66405
Email: ericm@yorku.ca 

Basic Fields of Interest: Sociology of Health and Illness, Studies in the Social Organization of Knowledge, HIV/AIDS, Science and Technology Studies,
Current Research Interests: 1. The criminalization of HIV non-disclosure. 2. HIV, scientific evidence and community practice. 3. Sociology of public health. 4. Sociology of animal-human relations applied to health.


Michael Nijhawan

PhD (Heidelberg), Associate Professor
Office: 2146 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 77994
Email: nijhawan@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Critical Theories in Religion; Theories in Violence and Suffering; Diaspora Formation and Transnational Religion; Cultural Practices, Art and Aesthetics; Social and Cultural Anthropology (focus South Asia).
Current Research Interests: 1. Sikh and Ahmadi transnational religious practices in Europe and Canada. 2. Suffering in art. 3. Configurations of religion and the secular.


Michael Ornstein

PhD (Johns Hopkins), Associate Professor
Office: 5054 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building
736-2100 Ext. 77162
Email: ornstein@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Stratification and Economic Sociology; Political Sociology; Survey Research; Quantitative Methods.
Current Research Interests: 1. Studies of social and economic inequality in Canada. 2. political ideology in Canada.


Hyun Ok Park

PhD (California), Associate Professsor
Office: 2096 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 77986
Email: hopark@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Historical Sociology; Critical Theory; Capitalism and Labour; Culture and Ideology; Social Movements; Colonialism and Nationalism; Comparative Studies; East Asia.
Current Research Interests: 1. Historical memory. 2. Democracy. 3. Transnational labour. 4. Nationalism and cosmopolitanism. 5. Citizenship and human rights. 6. NGOs. 7. Postcoloniality. 8. Coeval modernity in the west and East Asia.

Anna Pratt

PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor
Office: S722 Ross Building
736-2100 Ext. 33748
Email: apratt@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Criminology, socio-legal studies, law and administrative discretion, policing borders, immigration detention and deportation, the intersections of criminal justice and immigration and refugee determination, punishment.
Current Research Interests: 1. The culture and organization of border control. 2. Discretion and the constitution of reasonable suspicion at the border. 3. The enabling effects of the border construct. 4. The production of forensic video surveillance evidence. 5. The intersections of immigration and criminal justice domains.

Norene Pupo

PhD (McMaster), Professor
Office:138 Founders College
736-2100 Ext. 33310
Email: npupo@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Sociology of Work and Labour; Economic Sociology; Globalization and Power; Social Policy; Formal Organizations.
Current Research Interests: 1. De-industrialization, displaced workers and their communities; 2. Women in manufacturing -- past and present. 3. Women in the service economy. 4. Call centres and telemediated work. 5. Canadian unions and economic restructuring.

Norene Pupo is past director of the Centre for Research on Work and Society and is affiliated with the Global Labour Research Centre.


Joanna Robinson

PhD, Associate Professor
Office: C120 York Hall
736-2100 Ext 88166
Email:  jrobinson@glendon.yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Social Movements; Political Sociology; Globalization; Environmental Politics; Labour; Inequality; Climate Change; Qualitative and Cross-National Comparative Methods.
Current Research Interests: 1. Labour-environmental coalitions. 2. Anti-water privatization movements. 3. Green jobs and climate justice. 4. Environmental movements.


Shirin Shahrokni

PhD (Cambridge), Assistant Professor (Glendon)
Office: C116 York Hall, Glendon Campus
736-2100 Ext. 88117
Email: sshahrok@glendon.yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest:  Sociology of Race and Ethnic Relations; Sociology of International Migration; Racism and Anti-Racism; Gender; Sociology of Education
Current Research Interests: 1. Micro-Level Determinants of School Success:  The Role of Migrant Parents' Moral and Motivational Capitals. 2. The Transnational Career Aspirations of Descendants of North African Immigrants in France.

James Sheptycki

PhD (London), Professor
Office: 034 McLaughlin College
736-2100 Ext. 53726
Email: jshep@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Intersection of Governance, Crime, Policing and the Global System; Domestic Violence, Drugs and Crime, Organised Crime, Money Laundering, Serial Killers.
Current Research Interests: 1. Comparative criminology. 2. Transnational policing

Brian Singer

PhD (York) Associate Professor (Glendon)
Office: C127 York Hall, Glendon Campus
(416) 487-6741
Email: bsinger@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Critical Theory; Political Sociology; Cultural Studies; Social Change/Social History.
Current Research Interests: 1. Revolutions and the formation of the modern nation state. 2. Nationalism and Democratic Theory. 3. Contemporary French Political and Social Thought.

Hira Singh

PhD (Toronto), (Delhi School of Economics) Associate Professor
Office: 2106 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 60301
Email: hsingh@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Social Theory; Social Inequality; Social Movements; Colonialism, Insurgency and Counterinsurgency; Empire and Indenture (South Africa); Migrant Labor and Agribusiness (Canada).
Current Research Interests: 1. Indian indentured labor and the abolition of slavery in the British Empire.
Supervision Style: Dialogue, discussion.

Brenda Spotton Visano

PhD (McGill), Professor
Office: 130 McLaughlin College
736-2100 Ext. 20470
E-Mail: spotton@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Economic Sociology; Institutional Economics; Finance Capitalism; Community Finance.
Current Research Interests: 1. Issues in community finance (microcredit, payday loans, financial literacy). 2.  Socio-economic analysis of financial crises. 3. Issues in access to post secondary education for non-traditional students.
Supervision Style: Accessible; value active committee involvement

Glenn Stalker

PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor
Office: 316 Founders College
736-2100 Ext. 66942
E-mail: gstalker@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Quantitative Methods; Urban Sociology; Environmental Sociology; Work and Family; Cultural Sociology; Time-use.
Current Research Interests: 1. Couples, Childcare and Human Capital in Labour Markets. 2. Cultural Consumption and Omnivorousness. 3. Leisure Time and National Welfare Regimes
Supervisory Style: Collegial, student directed, agreed upon accountability, varied depending on student need.


Mark Thomas

PhD (York), Associate Professor
Office: 2150 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 77985
Email: mpthomas@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Political Economy; Economic Sociology; Sociology of Work and Labour; Political Sociology; Social Policy.
Current Research Interests: 1. Labour market regulation in local, national and transnational contexts. 2. Labour movements, austerity, and populism. 3. Precarious employment. 4. Migrant labour, citizenship and labour rights.


Leah Vosko

PhD (York), Professor and Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in the Political Economy of Gender and Work
Office: 618 Kaneff Tower
736-2100 Ext. 33157
Email: lvosko@yorku.ca

Leah F. Vosko is Professor and Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in the Political Economy of Gender and Work. She teaches courses on public policy, women and politics, and labour and employment and conducts research on labour market insecurity in Canada in international context. Her latest book, Managing the Margins: Gender, Citizenship and the International Regulation of Precarious Employment (2010), is published with Oxford University Press, UK and her recent co-edited collection, Liberating Temporariness?: Migration, Work and Citieznship in an Age of Insecurity, published by McGill-Queen's Univesity Press, appeared in Spring 2014. Professor Vosko's current research focuses partly on access to labour rights and protections among temporary migrant workers. She is also Principal Investigator of "Closing the Enforcement Gaps: Improving Protections for People in Precarious jobs," A SSHRC Partnership Project concerned with employment standards enforcement, and three research and teaching databases funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation -- the Gender and Work Database (GWD), the Comparative Perspectives Database (CPD), and the Global Employment Standards Database (GESD).


Amar Wahab

PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor
Office: 206B Founders College
736-2100 Ext. 20904
Email: awahab@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest:  Queer/Sexuality Studies; Race and Racialization; Post/Colonial Studies; Caribbean Studies.
Current Research Interests: 1. Queering Canada. 2. Post/Colonial Studies of the Caribbean. 3. Transnational Sexualities. 4. Intersections of Race and Sexuality.

Philip Walsh

PhD (Warwick), Associate Professor
Office: 2104 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 77993
Email: walshp@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Classical and Contemporary Social Theory; Political Sociology; Frankfurt School Critical Theory; Sociology of Knowledge; Philosophy of Social Science.
Current Research Interests: 1. Sociological theories of knowledge. 2. Critical realism. 3. The significance of the work of Hannah Arendt for the social sciences.
Supervision Style: I’m flexible on approaches and topics, but I like regular check-ins. Most students I supervise have some background in philosophy.

Lorna Weir

PhD (York), Professor
Office: 310 Founders College
736-2100 Ext. 33198
Email: lweir@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Health and Social Theory; Political Sociology; Biopolitics; Power/Knowledge Relations.
Current Research Interests: 1. Genomics, biosecrutiy and scientific publishing. 2. Sacrificial practices in contemporary biopolitcs. 3. Rethinking the gift in global giant panda diplomacy.


James Williams

PhD. (York), Associate Professor
Office: S724 Ross Building
736-2100 Ext. 20547

James Williams is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Science. His interests span several different fields including: corporate and white-collar crime; socio-legal studies; economic sociology; science and technology studies; and the sociology of professions. He is currently working on three main research projects: (1) a critical analysis of the shifting relationships between finance, food, and agriculture as viewed through the food crisis of 2008 and the demise of the Canadian Wheat Board in 2012; (2) an examination of the ‘science’ of corporate crime including intersections between science, medicine, and law, and the impact of various sites and technologies (e.g. the autopsy; the clinical trial; the safety lab; and the epidemiological study) on the ‘knowledgeability’ of corporate harm; and (3) a study of alternative sources of public knowledge (e.g. web-based advocacy; documentaries and testimonials; and community-based research) and their role in documenting corporate harms and challenging corporate hegemonies.

Daphne Winland

PhD. (York), Associate Professor
Office: 2034 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 33539
Email: winland@yorku.ca

ON SABBATICAL JULY 1, 2020 - JUNE 30, 2021

Daphne Winland is Associate Professor of Anthropology. Her research reflects broadly focused interests in (trans)nationalism, diaspora, memory and the cultural politics of representation. Her current research investigates contemporary Croatian struggles, both in diaspora and the new homeland, to reinvent themselves in the changing political, social and cultural landscape of post-communist Eastern Europe. She is also engaged in research with homeless youth in Toronto. She has published articles and book chapters on Mennonites, Laotian Hmong refugees, transnational politics, diaspora and homeland Croat relations and, most recently, Bosnian Croats in post-war Bosnia. The results of her Croatian research are contained in ‘We are now a Nation’: Croats Between ‘Home’ and ‘Homeland’ (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2007).

Lesley Wood

PhD (Columbia), Associate Professor
Office: 2060C Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 77999
Email: ljwood@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Social Movements; Globalization; Political Sociology; Recurrent Social Processes and Mechanisms.
Current Research Interests: 1. Deliberation. 2. Diffusion. 3. Global political networks. 4. Social networks. 5. Global protest networks. 6. Organization dynamics. 7. Protest policing.
Supervision Style: I aim to help you to clarify your project through narrowing your focus, and emphasizing the importance of appropriate methodology, and engaging with the debates in the field.

Cary Wu

PhD (UBC), Assistant Professor
Office:  2148 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 22825
Email:  carywu@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest:  Political Sociology; Population Migration; Urban Studies; Quantitative Methods; Machine Learning Approaches.
Current Research Interests:  Social trust. 2. Political support and comparative politics. 3. International and internal migration. 4. Theorizing urban scenes. 5. Gender inequality.

Emeritus and Adjunct Faculty

Please note that:

  1. Emeritus faculty cannot act as principal supervisors for Ph.D. committees; however, an emeritus faculty may petition to the Graduate Program’s Executive Committee, on a case-by-case basis, if he/she wishes to be principal supervisor on an Ph.D. committee
  2. Adjunct faculty cannot act as principal supervisors for M.A. or Ph.D. committees.
  3. As many Emeritus faculty are active participants in the program, students are encouraged to approach them for membership on their committees

Paul Anisef

Ph.D. (Cornell), Professor Emeritus
Office: 8th Floor, Kaneff Tower
736-2100 Ext. 20574
Email: anisef@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Education; Social Psychology/Society and Personality; Applied Sociology/Social Policy/Sociological Practice; Occupations/Professions; Socialization; Immigrant Adaptation.
Current Research Interests: 1. Parental involvement. 2. Social/cultural capital and advanced learning predispositions. 3. The link between education and work at secondary and post-secondary levels. 4. Comparative higher education. 5. Longitudinal study started in 1973-74; 6. Young adult learners, youth-at-risk, special needs groups. 7. Visible minority groups in higher education. 8. Immigration and education. 9. Comparative educational studies in life course; liberal education. 10. Privatization in education.
Supervision Style: Friendly.

Himani Bannerji

PhD (Toronto), Senior Scholar
Office: 2153 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 22291
Email: himanib@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Marxist Sociology; Cultural Studies; Third World Sociology; Women's Studies.
Current Research Interests: 1. Women and development. 2. Colonial and post-colonial social and political formations. 3. Feminist theory and its relations to race and class. 4. Immigrant women in Canada. 5. Culture and politics.

Alan Blum

Ph.D. (Chicago), Senior Scholar
(Director, Culture of Cities Centre and of CIHR project, the Grey Zone in Health and Illness; the City and Well-Being)
Office: CSI Annex, 720 Bathurst Street, 2nd floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2R5
Email: blum@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Social Theory, Modernity and Culture; Health, Disease and Illness in Modern Society; Symbolic Order and Imaginative Structure; Space and Place; Narrative Methods and Analysis of Discourse.

Rina Cohen

PhD (York), Associate Professor
Email: rcohen@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Diasporic Identities; Citizenship; Gender and Immigration; Families; Feminist Theories.
Current Research Interests: 1. Diasporic/transnational identity of second generation immigrants. 2. Guest workers in the global economy.

Lawrence Lam

PhD (York), Associate Professor
Office: 2153 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 22291
Email: larrylam@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Ethnicity/Race Relations; Migration and Refugee Studies; Human Rights.
Current Research Interests: 1. Refugee resettlement and repatriation. 2. Immigrant children and education. 3. Refugees and identity. 4. Economic adaptation of immigrants in Toronto.


Janice Newson

Ph.D. (Toronto), Professor Emeritus
Office: 2153 Vari Hall
736-2100 Ext. 22291
Email: janewson@yorku.ca

Basic Fields of Interest: Higher Education; Science and Technology Critique; Professions; Interpretive Sociology
Current Research Interests: 1. Time, technology and academic work. 2. Techno-pedagogies. 3. Universities as education/knowledge corporations. 4. Re-constituting the self-world relationship.
Supervision Style: I am best working with students who have a good sense of direction and prefer to work according to their own momentum, as opposed to wanting structure, pacing and content brought into them through tight supervision. Also, whether I am the primary supervisor or a committee member, I expect to meet at regular intervals with, and provide feedback through, meetings with the entire committee. I will not work in situations where the student works with only one main supervisor, and other members become involved later, after projects have been well-defined and advanced. Some members of the faculty work on the “first reader” model: I don’t and I am not a good person to invite into these projects.

John O'Neill

Ph.D. (Stanford), F.R.S.C. Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus
Office: 227 Founders College
736-2100 Ext. 66915
Email: joneill@yorku.ca | Curriculum Vitae |

Basic Fields of Interest: Psychoanalysis; Critical Theory; Classical Theory; Media; Body; Law.
Current Research Interests: 1. Text and discourse theory (psychoanalysis). 2. Political economy of children at risk. 3. Liberal-communitarianism, civic society.
Supervision Style: Easy appointments anywhere; read work quickly and drive projects, comprehensives, etc. toward thesis/completion and submissions to journals.