photo of two doctoral students from June 2016 convocation

Dissertation Topics of PhD's Awarded


Gloria Adagbon

The "Dream" Team? Immigrants, Multilevel Marketing and Integration

Giselle Thompson

National Debt and Public Education in Jamaica: "Glocal" Challenges and Responses


Nicholas Cristiano

Managing Risk Environments: An Ethnographic Study of Club Drug Use and Harm Reduction in the EDM Scene

Colin Hastings

Writing for Digital News: The Social Organization of News Stories About HIV Criminalization in an Age of Convergence Journalism


Bojan Baca

From Revolution to Referendum: Processes of Institutionalization and Practices of Contestation in Post-Socialist Civil Society Building, 1989-2006

Carmen Grillo

Autonomy, Identity and the Right to Die:  A Qualitative Study of Medically Assisted Death Attitudes in the Canadian Context

Sarah Hornstein

On Alienation and Imperialism: Synthesizing the Work of Herbert Marcuse and Samir Amin

Adam King

The Making and Reproduction of Male Working Class Identity in a Mining Town

Azar Masoumi

The Paradox of Refugee Protection in Canada:  Law and Bureaucratic Politics of Efficiency


Aliya Amarshi

From Pain to Power:  A Socio-Psychological Investigation of Anti-Racist Feminist Ressentiment

Bianca Baggiarini

Drone Warfare and the Governing of Sacrifice

Krista Banasiak

"Make Your Belly Dance": An Exploration of Feminism, Orientalism and Embodiment in the Lived Experience of Belly Dance

Penny  Dowedoff

A Feminist Political Economy Analysis of Medical Broker and Fertility Clinic Websites

Guadalupe Dyson

In the Hands of Strangers:  The Myth of Choice and Self-Determination for Chronic Pain Patients in Ontario

Vivian Stamatopoulos

Young Carers in Canada: An Examination of the Prevalence, Policy and Practice of Young People Providing Unpaid Care

Shaira Vadasaria

Temporalities of 'Return':  Race, Representation and Decolonial Imaginings of Palestinian Refugee Life


Benjamin Christensen

The Struggle For Security:  Risk, Politics and Pension Policy in Ontario, 1960-2016

Julianne DiSanto

Imagining the Unimaginable: Psychopathy, (Un)Criminality and the Body

Tobias Timm

Recovering Richard Rorty's Sense of Experience


Anke Allspach

Modern Imperialism:  Canadian Renditions to Torture and the Production of Impunity for Sovereign Racialized State Violence

Angele Alook

Indigenous Life Courses, Racialized Gendered Life Scripts, and Cultural Identities of Resistance and Resilience

Andrea Campbell

Invisible Work(ers), Invisible Hazards:  An Examination of Psychological and Physical Safety Amongst Frontline Workers in Long-term Residential Care Facilities in the "New" Global Economy

Jesse Carlson

The Kenosis of Sociology, or Essays Toward a 'Weak Program' in the Sociology of Morality

Craig Fortier

Unsettling Movements:  Decolonizing Non-Indigenous Radical Struggles in Settler Colonial States

Markus Kip

The Ends of Union Solidarity:  Undocumented Labour and German Trade Unions

Patricia Phillips

The Nation's Gardeners:  Social Work Professionalization and Interpretation Work in Scientific Adoption Practice, 1930-1960


Alan Bourke

Universities, Community Engagement, and Democratic Social Science

Jordan Cicalo

Solving the Unsolvable:  Western Responses to Otherness From Saint Augustine

Democratia Dafnos

Negotiating Colonial Encounters:  (Un)Mapping the Contemporary Policing of Indigenous Protests in Canada

Suzanne Day

Making It Work:  A Study of the Decision-Making Processes of Personal Support Workers in Long-Term Residential Care

Michael Follert

From Foundation to Dissolution:  Rethinking the Social Contract Tradition

Jennie Haw

From the Incinerator to the Bank:  A Feminist Qualitative Study of Private Cord Blood Banking in Canada

David Moffette

Governing Irregular Migration:  Logics and Practices in Spanish Immigration Policy

Katherine Pendakis

Political Genealogies of a Generation:  Kin, Movement and Party in the Greek Diaspora

Luz Maria Vazquez Garcia

Adaptation Narratives:  Climate Change and Environmental Politics in Mexican Coastal Communities


Mike Christensen

Expert Interventions for Democracy:  The Historical and Epistemological Foundations of International Democracy Assistance

Karine Cote-Booucher

The Micro-Politics of Border Control:  Internal Struggles at Canadian Customs

Erkan Ercel

Psychoanalysis, Fantasy, Postcoloniality:  Derivative Nationalism and Historiography in post-Ottoman Turkey

Brian Fuller

Adorno, Hegel and the Philosophical Origins of Classical Social Theory

Alison Jenkins Jayman

Health Insurance Coverage for Breast Cancer Care:  A Feminist Political Economy Perspective on Women's Experiences in Ontario and New York

Kate Laxer

Mapping the Division of Labour in Long-Term Residential Care Across Jurisdictions

Latoya Lazarus

The Church and the Law:  Examining the Role of Christianity in Shaping Sexual Politics in Jamaica

Stephen LeDrew

Scientism, Humanism and Religion:  The New Atheism and the Rise of the Secular Movement

Craig McFarlane

Early Modern Speculative Anthropology

Severine Minot

Subjective Experiences of Expats in Vietnam:  Linking Relative Social Position, the Habitus and Practic to Cross-Cultural Adapation

Vanessa Rosa

Remaking the Nation-State:  Multiculturalism, Neoliberalism, and Urban Revitalization

Carlos Torres

The Myth of Martial Law:  The Dynamics of Crisi Management and Fragmented Human Rights Boom in Argentina

Milos Vasic

Becoming Economic:  A Political Phenomenology of Car Purchases


Jeff Butler

Tomorrow's Godly Americans: Citizenship Education and National Identity in Conservative Christian Homeschools

Kelly Holloway

The Pharmaceutical Industry and Student Resistance: A Political Economy Perspective on Pharmaceutical Industry Influence in Medical Education in the United States and Canada

Jasmin Hristov

Violent Systems of Capital Accumulation: Paramilitarism and the Colombian Armed Conflict

David Lavin

The Union is the Message: Messenger Work and Messenger Organizing in the Same–Day Courier Sector

Patricia MacMillan

Science, Conflict and the Devotional Artifact: A Social Cartography of the Turin Shroud Controversy

Jennifer Mills

Conference Connections: Identity, Ideology and Institutions in the Congress of Black Women of Canada (CBWC), 1973–2003

Ryan McVeigh

Mind and Self in Society: From the Standpoint of a Cognitive Sociologist

Andrea Quinlan

Stabilizing the Technoscientific Witness: A History of Controversity, Medicolegal Practice, and the Ontario Sexual Assault Evidence Kit

Chris Sanders

Ontario Public Health Counseling Practice Following the Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure: A Contribution to the Sociology of Public Health


Mark Ayyash

Speaking with Violence: An Exploration of Violent Dialogue in Israel–Palestine

Gulhanim Caliskan

Forging Diasporic Citizenship: Berlin's German–Born Turkish Auslander

Maria de los Dolores Figueroa Romero

Comparative Analysis of Indigenous Women's Participation in Ethno–politics and Community Development. The Experiences of Women Leaders of Ecuarunari (Ecuador) and Yatama (Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua)

Diego Llovet

Public Health, Medicine and the Ideal of Self–Governance: Conflicts in the Modern Culture of Health and Well–Being

Morgan Poteet

'Can't Imagine Being Without Friends': How Central American Male Youth in Toronto Seek to Belong

Research Review Paper/Thesis Topics of MAs Awarded


Merna Fatohi

The Evolution of Workers' Compensation in Ontario: From Tort Regime to Common-sense 1830-2019

Alexander Haley

Sociological Perspectives on Representations of Mass Shootings in U.S. News Media: A Review

Carly Luchuck

The Child Welfare System: A Tool to Assimilate and Oppress Black Canadians

Candace Trusty

The Politics of Respectability: A Racialized and Colonial Discourse, A Site of Black Queer Refusal and Resistance

Ana Vujosevic

Post-Yugoslav Diasporas: Racialization and Whiteness in the Settler Colonial States


Benjamin Blaney

A Unique Exposure: The Social Determinants of Health and Mental Health and the University Student

Tamayah Edwards

Crime and Race: Unmasking the Falsehood of Equality in the Courtroom

Toby Anne Finlay

Between Feminist Psychoanalysis and Deleuze:  Bisexuality and the Transgender Subject in Feminist Theory

Chanelle Gallant

Can Sex Be Work?  A Critical Reflection

Victoria Ogley

Exploring the Return Movement of Children of Hong Kong Immigrants Through the Lens of Transnationalism, Social and Cultural Reproduction, and the Intersections of Class, and Race/Racialization

Angela Ostrikoff

Breaking Ground and Changing Her-story:  Reimagining Business as Usual Through Women's Entrepreneurship

Camille Pawelczak

More Than a #Selfie: Exploring the Affective Dimensions of Self-Imaging Practices

Charlotte Smith

But Who Are Our Theories For? Problematization, Lines of Flight, and the Practical Relevance of Drugs Research in the Ontological Turn

Samantha Teichman

The New Mourning Routine: Online Mourning and Ritual Practices in the Digital Age

Yue Teng

Work-family Conflict in Canadian Families: Gender Inequality Over the Life Course


Santhia Akram

The Significance of Pre-Migration and Transnational Influences on the Migrant Incorporation Process

Yasmin Ali

'Ma I Fahmeysa?' Representations of 'Somali Canadians' in Academic Literature

Anna Benker

A Case for Qualitative Methodologies of Anti-Muslim Attitudes

Alina Budhwani

Patterns of Violence:  How Gender and Race Considerations Shape Conceptions of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

Jessie Lou Helmkay

Structural Determinants of Youth Delinquency in Urban vs. Rural Canada: Space, Race and Class

Kara Inzirillo

Bonds: A Sociological Analysis of the Relationship Between Incarcerated Mothers and Their Children in Canada

Kayla Jeffrey

The Geographical Imagination: Imaginative Geographies and Its Influence on Development in the Global South

Nishan Kaushall

Of Hand-Spun Nations and Its Estranged Familiars:  A Struggle For Ancient Futures

Theodora Kyriakakos

Barriers to Mental Health Services Among Chinese Immigrants in Canada

Melissa McLetchie

Unemployed, Under-Educated, and Over-Incarcerated:  The Macro-Streaming of Black Canadians.

Olivia Messina

The Crisis of Wasted Potential:  Structural Violence and  Underemployed Graduates in Canada

McKenna Norgaard

The Labor of Pleasure and Pain: Exploring Intimacy and the Therapeutic Aspect of Professional BDSM Through Emotional Labor

Monisha Poojary

South Asian Identity:  Negotiating Identity Through a Panethnic Perspective

Mark Strauss

The Differential Impact of Multiculturalism on the Polish Diaspora: Promises and Paradoxes

Kathryn Wells

Activism in a Post-Disaster Setting:  How Displacement Contributes to Participation in Environmental Justice Movements


Carlo Charles

Black Refuge:  The Interplay Between Ethno-Racialization and Nationalism in the Reception of Haitians in Canada

Rubina Karyar

A Marxist, Feminist and Intersectional Critique of Homeless Women's Shelter Institutionalization and Bureaucratization in Canada

Emma Lindala

The Insidious Contagion in Health Care

Anna Lippman

Growing Roses From  Concrete:  Exploring How Racialized Youth Create Resistance Identity Through Hip-Hop Culture

Zeleco Persaud

Looking Through a Gendered Lens -- Exploring Social Control and Discipline of Youth in Transitional Homes


Sara Arya

Islamophobia in Citizenship and Nation-building Practices in the UK

Jana Borras

Puzzling Through Transience:  A Conceptual Analysis of Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Nathali Bortei

Give It To Me Straight:  "Professionalism" and Black Hair Politics in the Workplace

Evander Cobbold

"A Beauty Project":  The Effects of the Mass Media and Western Body Ideals on Women's Body Dissatisfaction

Leigha Comer

"I Had a Lore More Faith in Doctors Back Then:"  An Analysis of Chronic Pain Content in Ontario Medical Curricula

Leigh Denholm

The Potential Praxis:  Material and Philosophical Affinities of the Early Church and Marx

Amrit Dhillon

Lighten Up:  Exploring Skin Lightening Practices Among Canadian South Asian Women

Gillian Elliott

Women's Experiences With Breastfeeding Support:  Conflicting Practices and Discourses

Sara Louie Tehrani

Revisiting Transnationalism in the Context of the Iranian-Global Baha'i Diaspora

Jocelyn MacDonald

Examining the Cost of Kindness:  Food Insecurity in Canada

Eni Mema

The Evolution of Cuba's Symbolic Regime:  Fidel Castro's Revolution, Results, Future Prospects and Legacy

Janice Phonepraseuth

Who We Are:  An Examination of Ethnic Identity Formation Among Second-Generation Chinese Youth

Talisha Ramsaroop

Murals Talk Back:  An Understanding of Community Murals in Jane Finch

Jessica Thyriar

How Do Government, Post-Secondary Institutions and External Organizations Respond to Sexual Violence on Campus?


Babak Amini

Dissemination and Reception of Karl Marx's Capital in the United States, Britain, and Canada

Navneet Aujla

Temporary Employment Agencies in Ontario:  Experiences of South Asian Immigrant Women

Miriam Hird-Younger

Reimagining Participation: The Need to Consider Trust in Participatory Approaches to Development in Ghana

Keith Joe

An Investigation Into Police Resistance to Reforms

Peter Karambelas

Thinking and Internal Conversation in the Networking Age

Kazhal Mohammadi

Diasporic Kurds and Identity Politics: The Internationalization and Europeanization of the Kurdish National 'Struggle'

Christine Montgomerie-Mione

Exploring the Emergence of Social Movements During Times of Economic Crisis

Maigan Newson

Promoting Positive Community-School  Relations: Using Place-Based Education to Engage Students Within Urban Communities

Nilum Panesar

The "New" Second Generation: Hows Does a Transnational Orientation Reconceptualize Second-Generation Youth Identity in Canada?

Viet Phan

Immigration Through Education: A Framework on the Immigration Considerations of International Students in Higher Education

Connie Phung

Bourdieu in China: A Study of Migration, Reception and Adaptation of  Sociological Concepts

Rodney Rennis

Ending Carding: Police Resistance to Change

Emily Zimmermann

'Sexy' Empowerment: Analyzing the Postfeminist Neoliberal Rationalities Underlying the Government of Women's Sexuality


Rawan Abdelbaki

Neoliberalism and Canadian Immigration:  Rethinking the Land of (In)Opportunity

Grace Barakat

Generation Debt:  Student Debt in Canada

Mary Choy

Re-conceptualizing "Contributing":  Homelessness and Unpaid Labour in a Neo-liberal Climate

Devin Clancy

Policing Settler Colonialism.  An Analysis of Policing Indigenous Land Reclamations From Ipperwash to Caledonia

Markus Gerke

The Second Sex of Tomorrow?  Constructions of Masculinity in the Moral Panic About Boys' Education.  A Content Analysis of Canadian News Media

Jelena Golubovic

The Eastward Expansion of the European Union: Perspectives From University Students in Belgrade, Serbia

Mandi Gray

Segged Out:  The Segregation of Women in Manitoba's Provincial Jails

Sarah Haque

Examining the Abject and Identity:  Embodied Cancer Experiments in Adolescents and Young Adults

Betty Ann Henry

The Socio-Economic Marginalisation of Fat Black Women (fBw) and its Relevance for Contemporary Labour Practices

Danielle Landry

Madness in the Method:  A Critical Discourse Analysis of Psychiatric Survivor Research From Canada and the UK

Robyn LeBlanc

The Privatization Paradox:  Understanding Community Care and its Challenges Under Neoliberalism

Ali Abbas Mehboob Hirji

Hearing the Voice From the Veil.  An Ethnogrpahic Inquiry Into the Mourning For Lady Zaynab by Toronto Shiites

Nadia Nassar

Mixed Metaphors:  An Exploration of Discourses Surrounding 'Multiracial' People in Canada

Khalida Ramyar

Afghanistan Before the Invasions:  The Subversion of Democracy in 1973

David Spina

Queering Intimacy:  The Subculture of Barebacking and Breeding New Forms of Masculinity and Kinship

Christopher Zakher

Race Reification in the World of Warcraft


Wendy Chappel

Bullying Discourses in Academic Literatue and Young Adult Novels: Do They Tell the Same Story?

Michael Cifelli

Gladue Courts:  Navigating Contradictory Orientations to Rehabilitate and Punish

Mary El'Bably

Canadian On-line Surrogacy Agencies and the Assisted Human Reproduction Act on Reimbursement of Expenditures

A.J. Lowik

Trans-Feminisms and Trans-Inclusive Abortion Clinics:  The Tension Between Gender Identity and Corporeality

Erika McDonald

The Search for an Alternative:  A Theoretical Comparative Assessment of Capitalism and Cooperative Enterprises

Sandra Morelli

Figuration/Process Sociology:  Critiquing Wilson's Consilience Into Practice

Samantha Posluns

The Neoliberal Impact on Canadian Health Care:  The Case of the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers

Jordana Reinstein

The Origin and Effects of 'Learning Disability':  A Review of the Latter 20th Century North American Construction of the Learning Disability Label and its Impact on Self-Concept

Christie Thorkildsen

Precarious Employment and Well-being:  Where is Precarious Employment in Indices of Well-being From Advanced Capital States?

Jonathan Zissakos

The Allure of Ethno-Nationalism: Analyzing Genocide Justification in Rwanda


Phylicia Armstrong

Considering the Role of Heritage Language Education in Empowering Minority Immigrant Youth in Toronto Schools

Susan Cake

An Ideal Type: The Instability of Victimhood in Television

Janine DeLorey

Creating Material Things: Meaning in Contemporary Re–appropriations of Creative Domestic Skills

Angelina Duhig

Examining Solidarity in an Individualized Economy: From Industrialization to Advanced Global Capitalism

Brendan Forsyth

An Analysis of Education Curricula With IndigenousYndash;Centred Approaches: Decolonizing the Knowledge Hierarchy

Maria Teresa Greco

Precarious Employment in Canada: The Importance of the Non-Citizenship of Low–Skilled Migrant Workers

Bahar Hashemi

Political Transnational Engagements Among the Iranian Diaspora

Sam Hudyma

Young Adult Carers in Canada: How Caregiving Shapes Their Educational and Work Opportunities

Shirin Khayambashi

"Minorities Among Minorities": Deconstruction of Diasporic Identity

Gayle Lesmond

Racial Differences in Post–Secondary Education: A Review of the Literature on Minority Student Academic Achievement

Adela Ludin

Beyond a Violence Against Women Approach: Understanding Violence Against Women in Afghanistan

Frank Meraglia

Safe Schools for (Almost) Everyone: The Christian Right's Resistance to Ontario's LGBT Inclusive 'Accepting Schools Act'

Jessica Rayne

But Is It Really Worth It? Examining the Economic Returns on Higher Education for Caribbeans and Latin Americans in the Greater Toronto Area

Raquel Teixeira

Youth Leisure, Social Capital and Community Engagement


Jackie Boyce

Biomedicalization and Gendered Pharmaceuticals: An Examination of the HPV Vaccine and Viagara

Heather Brady

"Putting a Foot in the Door": An Exploration of NGO Advocacy and the Framing of Asylum in Canada

Paulette Campbell

Policing Race: A Case Study of Media Coverage of Police Shootings

Enio Chiola

The 'Stop Murder Music' Campaign: Cultural Regulation of Jamaican Dancehall Music

Natalie Field

Messages From Home: The Purposes, Meanings and Significance of Communication During Deployment

Nadia Guiliano

Accentuating the Social in the Study of Addiction: The Analysis of How Relationships and Social Interaction Contribute to the Development and Transformation of the Addict Identity

Renee Nadeau

Investigating the Impacts on Temporary Migrant Work Programs of an Overarching Political Shift Towards Neoliberalism in Canadian Governance

Sugandha Nagpal

Exploring Explanations for Sex–Selection in Indo–Canadian Communities

Shelagh Ois

Moving In and Moving Out: Negotiating the Computer–Mediated Self

Krystle Stubbs

A Review of Critical Race Theory and Affirmative Action Programs and Policies


Muna Ali

From 'Exceptional State' to 'Exceptional Measures'

Natasha Armstrong

Let Us In! Non–Status Children and the Students Without Immigration Status Policy

Andrea Barbera

Aboriginal Overrepresentation in the Canadian Justice System: Toward an Anti–Colonial Perspective

Patrycja Budzynska

It's a Girl! The Re–Birth of Midwifery in Ontario in the Context of Neo–Liberal Weflare State Restructuring

Kristin Ciupa

Post–Neoliberal Alternatives? Exploring New Left Government Responses to Neoliberalism in Latin America

Giselle Dias

Structural Violence and the Discourse on HIV/AIDS and Prisons: Implications for Policy Development

Alana Gentile

Cultural Abuse: An Examination of How Cultural Constraints Impede Abused Immigrant Women's Access to Social Services

Stefan Lazov

The European Union and Roma Inclusion: A Governmentality Study

Darcy L'Heureux

A Sad 'State' of Affairs: Understanding the Role of the State in HIV/AIDS Literature

Thandiwe Ncube

J. Marion Sims: Use or Abuse of Enslaved African Women? Medicine, Slavery, and the Production of Medical Knowledge in 19th Century America

Craig Ross

"The Mere Fact of Being": The Nonprofitisation of the Two–Spirit Movement

Amanda Salerno

Insufficient Funds: The Role of Minimum Wage in the Feminization of Poverty

Olivia Scobie

"It Was Easier to Say That I Didn't Have kids": Mothering, Incarceration and Policy

Jason Webb

Bridging Social Science and Social Justice: Ethnographic Action Research Among the Urgan Homelessness

Debra Wong

The Scent of Difference: A Content Analysis of Women's Perfume Advertisements in 'Ebony', 'Essence', and 'Glamour' Magazines—A Comparative Lens on White and Black Representation